The human brain is considered the most complex object in the known universe and the least understood organ in the human body. Neuroscientists with different backgrounds - medicine, psychology, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics and so on – gather aiming to understand the brain.

The idea of a series of events to support new findings about the brain and their spreading among neuroscientists in the field of Computational Neuroscience and related topics for the Latin American community started in 2012 with a group of researchers from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) - Brazil. Later on, this initial event led to the creation of the Latin American Workshop on Computational Neuroscience (LAWCN) in 2017.

LAWCN has contributed to revealing knowledge about the brain since its first edition in 2017 in the cosmopolitan city of Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil). As a biannual event, the II LAWCN took place in 2019 in the three-centennial colonial city of São João del-Rei (Minas Gerais – Brazil). While the III LAWCN was held in 2021 at the beautiful Caribbean city of São Luís (Maranhão - Brazil).

Now the IV LAWCN 2023 is going to be between 28-30 November 2023 in the city of Envigado (Antioquia - Colombia). This is the first LAWCN edition outside of Brazil, expanding its presence to Latin America, seeking for enhancing the collaboration network among the countries of our region but keeping the worldwide approach. Envigado is located in the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley, close to Medellín, the second-largest city in Colombia, and the capital of the department of Antioquia. Envigado is known for maintaining the traditions of the Paisa Region and for its architecture. It also has one of the highest standards of living in Colombia. Also, Envigado was recognized recently as one of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (UNESCO GNLC).

Since the first edition, LAWCN has been gathering students and researchers from the fields of Computational Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, and Neuroengineering in an enthusiastic atmosphere for sharing ideas, creating networks, and fostering collaboration. For IV LAWCN (2023) it is expected, as it happened in the previous editions, hundreds of scientists from undergrads to experienced faculties come from different countries to attend interesting talks from worldwide renowned keynote speakers. Moreover, this reunion of minds aids to share findings and experiences in the pursuit of cutting-edge knowledge on the brain.

The IV LAWCN (2023) is organized by the Institution University of Envigado (IUE) by the research group "Grupo de Investigación Tecnologías Emergentes Sostenibles e Inteligentes GITESI", from the Engineering Faculty, in collaboration with the Colegio Colombiano de Neurociencias (COLNE), the most representative association of neuroscience researchers and students in Colombia. Also, as in previous editions, we are looking for financial support from the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) which is going to provide travel aid for some participants (priority for women’s participation and regional diversity) with travel aid for authors of accepted papers (To be announced) . The Organizing Committee is very proud to welcome researchers from Latin America and the whole world to the IV LAWCN (2023). We wish, as in the last editions, an extraordinary exchange of ideas and experiences to advance interdisciplinary brain science.

Areas of the IV LAWCN

Keeping the tradition of the previous edition of this meeting, the IV LAWCN has four main topics:

  • A- Computational Neuroscience;
  • B- Neuroscience;
  • C- Neuroengineering
  • D- Artificial Intelligence and related topics.

The Workshop will consist mainly of the following activities.

  • A- Presentation of up to 8 key researchers of international and national renown.
  • B- Round table to widely discuss gender diversity in Neuroscience.
  • C- Oral presentations of accepted papers by their authors.
  • D- Poster session.
  • E- Launch of the Brain-Computer Interface LATAM network.
  • F- Technical exhibitors.

Submission and publication of papers

Prospective authors are invited to contribute to the conference by electronically submitting papers in English, Portuguese, or Spanish, according to the model found on the submissions site. Best papers that are related to Computer Science will be published as a book volume in Springer-Verlag Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS,; ISSN 1865-0929) series. Also, authors can submit their papers for the Special Issue “Interdisciplinary Approaches for Human Cognition: Expanding Perspectives on the Mind” to be published in the International Journal in Psychological Research (IJPR;; ISSN 2011-7922) . Papers will be evaluated based on the quality and significance of the theoretical and practical contributions. Authors of accepted papers must present their work in the workshop.



International and national.



To discuss gender diversity in Neurosciences.



Accepted research work master's degree.




Interview - 20/09/2019

LAWCN 2023 - Invitation (Spanish)

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